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How to unblock a toilet with or without a plunger


Your bathroom is supposed to be a private sanctuary. So when you discover that you’ve accidentally blocked the toilet, it can feel a little awkward asking for help to sort it out. 

Fortunately, with the following guide to unblocking your toilet you can save yourself any potential embarrassment by having a go.

First of all turn off the water to the toilet 

To reduce the risk of flooding, you should stop the supply of water to the toilet. This is easy to do by accessing the toilet ‘flapper’ in the cistern tank and closing it. 

If you have trouble finding the flapper, it basically looks like a drain stopper with a chain attached. You can use gloves to access the toilet flapper, but don’t worry – the water should be clean. 

If you can’t find the toilet flapper, you can just turn off the water supply to the property via your stopcock. Just make sure everyone is aware that there will be no water supply until you’re finished unblocking the toilet.

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